Tired of guessing what hose went where last year because you forgot?  

Grain Cart

Ever get in and out of the tractor 3 or 4 times because the hoses were hooked up wrong? 

How many times have you hooked up the hose right on the first try?

Have you put tape on the hoses and wrote on them but find out later that the marking has come off?




Tillage Tool 

Just Tag It 

Your solution to hydraulic hose hook-up identification  

Hydraulic ID came from the founder and inventor of Just Tag It, Kyle McBride.  What started out as something he wanted to make easier on his own farm, became much more. Kyle thought if he was having these troubles so were other farmers and wanted to share his idea and help them as well. Hydraulic ID is operated out of his own home on the farm were he works every day. No big office building with hundreds of employees. Just one man and a office chair.   

How Hydraulic ID got started